Authentic Big Blue 2018

Have you seen the legendary movie “Le Grand Blue / The Big Blue”? If your answer is yes, than we have great news for you. We will be joining an international freediving competition where the legendary movie will be revived!

This September team Medfish will be joining in the second Authentic Big Blue in the amazing waters of Amorgos Island in Greece. Authentic Big Blue will be held at the place where the movie “The Big Blue” was shot with the presence of top level athletes, celebrities and even stars from the movie! Imagine you are in the movie of Big Blue but just better because you will be starring it!

For this wonderful event we have prepared two packages for you!

Option 1: Come with us to the island for a 2 weeks long dreamy freediving holiday!

We will be training and having great fun for full one week before the event and then we will coach you in the Authentic Big Blue Competition. We guarantee you some personal bests in this marathon of freediving!

Option 2: Join us for the competition period only and we will be there for you again!
We will give you last minute tips, tricks and coaching all through the 5 competition days! We promise, it will not feel like a late start as your coaching sessions and training routines will be sent to you before you arrive! We will prepare you before the event.

To book your privileged front raw seat in Team Medfish Authentic Big Blue, please contact us as soon as possible from the contact form below

Authentic Big Blue website: Authentic BB-2018

Please contact us for details!