The Authentic Big Blue 2019

The Big Blue was an unforgettable movie that touched our souls and made us all passionate about the deep. Diving into that amazing blue water was a dream for most of us. And for the last three years, the dream is becoming a reality every summer. Join us again this year for The Authentic Blue International Freediving Competition where the legendary movie was shot!

On September 22-28, Team Medfish will be joining in the third Authentic Big Blue in the amazing waters of Amorgos Island in Greece. The event will take place at the legendary Agia Anna bay where the movie was set and it will bring top-level athletes and the stars from the movie together!

Imagine yourself inside the movie but only better, you are the star of it!

We have two different options for you to fully experience The Authentic Big Blue:

The Big Blue:
Join us on Amorgos for a two-week long one-of-a-kind freediving holiday!
We will be training together and having great fun for full one week before the event and then we will coach you on a week-long The Authentic Big Blue Competition. We guarantee you some personal bests in this marathon of freediving! If you want to gain two years worth of experience in just two weeks, this one is for you!

Until July 31st: 
One week of training prior to the event + coaching during the competition: 525 euro
After July 31st:
One week of training prior to the event + coaching during the competition: 585 euro
(Registration fees for the competition are included)

The Small Blue:
Join us for the competition period only and we will be there for you again!
We will give you last minute tips, tricks and coaching all through the 5 competition days! We promise, it will not feel like a late start as your coaching sessions and training routines will be sent to you before you arrive! We will prepare you before the event.

Until July 31st: : 325 euro
After July 31st:: 385 euro
(Registration fees for the competition are included)

How to go? Where to stay?
Flight and accommodation are not included in our packages. Although we will be more than happy to give you some advices and help you with the bookings, we prefer to give you the final choice of choosing this two.

Athens – Amorgos:
Once you find your way to Athens international airport, reaching to the ferry terminal in Piraeus is more or less a 45min ride with the local metro. You have to take the Piraeus – Amorgos ferry which takes around 5 hours. You also have to follow the same route back once the competition is over. We have to remind you that, there is a 50% discount on the ferry tickets for all athletes! Don’t worry about the schedules and picking up the right ferry, we will be helping you to pick the right one!

Where to stay?
There are lots of little rooms to rent in Amorgos. They usually do not operate as bed and breakfast but just provide a neat and clean room. As there is no option to put all of us in the same facility, we will be staying in the village of Chora just few steps away from each other. For the ones who would like to stay alone, daily fee is around 30euro, a double room costs around 40 euro and a triple room will be around 50euro per night. If your plan is to stay more than 10 days with us, the owners usually give a 5euro discount per day.

To book your privileged front raw seat in Team Medfish Authentic Big Blue, please contact us as soon as possible from the contact form below

Authentic Big Blue website: Authentic BB-2019

Please contact us for details!