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  •   Course director Memo is not only one of the best free divers in Turkey but one of the best in the world. His attitude and friendly professionalism makes it very... read more

    avatar thumb Deco78

      Memo is a great instructor and i can clearly say we really learned a lot from him. All of us improved our limits and we did became certified free divers.... read more


      Memo is doing excellent work. He is not only a record-winning freediver, but also a perfect teacher and person. A warm and disciplined environment. You would not believe how... read more

    avatar thumb tugan_tt
  •   Freediving Instructor Training Course in Medfish was very good. Professionalism, accuracy, safety, skills, experience... everything's covered, discussed, with an enthusiast team. The Gundogan Bay's water is perfect for OW sessions,... read more

    avatar thumb Mick T

      I spend one of my best time with mudfish freediving school in bodrum, if you want to be bery good freediver or freediving Instructor I strongly advice to meet Memo... read more


      Thats the place to start to freedive correctly and safely in turkey.i am very pleased to meet someone as memo he always patient even against the stupid questions:)

    avatar thumb lebraam
  •   have been here for ten days for instructor course. MEMO is really a distinguished professional. The teaching techniques and his courses are far away the best freediving community can offer

    avatar thumb alexandros912

      Memo is a very talented and enthusiastic free diving intructor. His Medfish diving school is training many divers with the highest safety standards and proven SSI system. He is also... read more


      I got my Aida and SSI freediving licenses with instructor Memo.Beside they were comprehensive and intense courses, he made me fall in love in that world!

    avatar thumb Gerçek O
  •   I had my AIDA certificate and my very first free diving experience with Memo Arıkök-He introduced me to the intoxicating world of the underwater while he made me realize I... read more

    avatar thumb Lale A

      Owner Memo is a great guy and will be your friend, buddy, instructor in no time. He is one of the best freedivers inTurkey but more than that he's a... read more

    avatar thumb berkerturk

      Mehmet is a fantastic instructor to be teaching beginners (and I assume advanced divers too!). I did the Level 1 SSI freediving course, and it was a brilliant introduction. Mehmet... read more

    avatar thumb Steff R

Medfish Serbest Dalış Okulu Bodrum’un Gündoğan koyunda bulunuyor. Bizi istediğiniz zaman Emek Street No:4 Gündoğan – Bodrum adresinde ziyaret edebilirsiniz!

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