Barış Antalyalı – L3

This time we got in the water for Level 3 freediving program.

Every season we offer a limited number of Zero to Superhero courses. These programs are designed to take the participants from zero and bring them to the level of SSI Freediving Instructors. Barış Antalyalı was back to Medfish to Continue his training in that journey and we got in the water for the Level 3 course!

Since day 1 Barış has been showing a very strong progress. His breath hold is getting stronger, his depths are getting deeper and most importantly his understanding of freediving is getting much bigger. Level 3 just became the breaking point for Barış and he passed over 40m mark in deep dives , passed 4min static in breath holding and broke many other records.

We cannot wait to see Barış again as next time we will be competing in an international competition as part of our journey!

Barış Antalyalı