Ebru İz

We have another mermaid!

We have another mermaid! Ebru İz has been dreaming to start freediving for the last 15 years and this year was finally the year to introduce her to the magical world of freediving.

Ebru got in contact with us several weeks ago to take an introductory Basic freediving program. She did super good in our one day program and she immediately decided to continue with the Level 1 freediving. During her course, although the weather conditions were not ideal, she showed an incredible performance especially in her static apnea performances. And of course we put all our effort to develop a bullet proof foundation for her to keep freediving as safe and enjoyable as possible.

We are so happy to help Ebru to catch her dreams to become a freediver and very proud to observe her progress in breath holding. We can happily say we created a mermaid! I am sure you will see her regularly in the water achieving new milestones in her freediving career!

Ebru iz