Let us introduce you a proper sportsman.

Let us introduce you a proper sportsman. Evren Dincsoy is a windsurfer, yoga instructor and an overall outdoors guy who is now a freediver too! Evren decided to start freediving almost two years ago but due to some allergy issues his training came to a halt. We kept in touch with Evren. Trained semi-regularly from time to time and finally met again last week to restart his freediving career! Guess what? This time we had no issues, no barriers and we managed to overcome all the problems which stopped us before.

As we knew equalization was the weak point of Evren, we designed our Level 1 program around a special and intense set of equalization exercises which made him develop the technique he needed. In day one, we hit a new PB in static with 3min + time, and in day two and three we took him down to 17m. We are very happy to announce Evren as a Level 1 freediver now and can’t wait to see him coming up from deeper waters!

Evren Dinçsoy