Gökhan Oruç Returns

Club 30 is one step ahead!

Last week we had a familiar face in Medfish. Gökhan Oruç returns to discover deeper waters. After finishing his Level 1 program, Gökhan was very keen to progress his freediving into the next level. He practiced his Level 1 skills for almost one month and came back to Medfish for the Level 2 program (for the ones who are not so familiar with the Level 2 program, it is the course where we discover efficiency in freediving).

He did master the freefall technique, pushed his relaxation into another level and happily scored new personal bests in our three day course. Watching him progressing into another level with every dive he does was very pleasant for us. Gökhan, we cannot wait to see you in our training days. Club 30 is one step ahead!

Gökhan Oruç returns