No Fins Freediving

No-fins freediving is arguably the purest and most technical freediving discipline

No Fins Freediving

In SSI No Fins Freediving series participants can join a dedicated pool course (Dynamic No fin) or the full package of Constant Weight No Fin (CNF).

Dynamic No Fin (DNF) specialty course will give you the true understanding of efficiency to make your freediving experience safer and more fun. During this course you will be developing a proper DNF technique in which will give you the freedom to freedive with minimal equipment. In Constant Weight No fin (CNF) which is arguably the purest and most technical freediving discipline. You will be combining the technical approach with the absolute freedom!


  • Be 15 years of age or older (15 with guardian consent)
  • Have completed SSI Pool (for DNF), SSI Level 2 (for CNF) or equivalent course
  • Have completed the SSI registration forms

Recommended Gear:

  • Mask, Snorkel
  • Noseclip
  • Wetsuit or appropriate exposure protection
  • Weightbelt
  • Lanyard (if appropriate)

Duration and Course Outline:

  • One/Two day course
  • Two theory sessions
  • Two pool /Two open water sessions

What’s included:

  • Pool Sessions
  • Open Water Sessions with boat
  • Certification


  • €200+ VAT (No-Fins Freediving)
  • €115 +VAT (Dynamic No-Fin Freediving)