SSI Freediving Instructor Level 1

Designed especially for dive pros by freediving pros!

SSI Level 1 Freediving instructor Course is created mainly for SSI Dive Pros who are willing to extend their range of courses from Scuba to Freediving.

Applicants for the Level 1 Freediving Instructor rating should be physically fit and Flexible individuals
that can display outstanding watermanship. You must be an Active SSI Dive-con or higher to apply for the Level 1 FITC.

Here are the requirements to achieve the Freediving Instructor Level 1.

• Candidates must have taken Level 1, Level 2 Freediving student courses, Freediving Stress & Rescue and Training Techniques specialty programs.
• Complete all Review answer sheets required for the L1 FITC Study guides / workbooks.
• Attend all FITC Academic Instructor presentation sessions.

Written Exams:
• SSI Level 1 Freediver instructor applicants must achieve a 90% pass rate in the Level 1 Freediver final exams

SSI FREEDIVING Level 1 Instructor Final Exam:
• The applicants must achieve a 90% pass rate in the Level 1 INSTRUCTOR Final Exams

Performance Requirements:
All the In Water Performance Requirements where the Instructor applicant has to use fins must
be performed with Stereo fins (Bi-Fins) e.g. no mono fins.

• Perform a swim of 800m using mask, snorkel and fins within 15min
• Perform a swim of 400m (No Fins – buoyancy device or snorkel) within 10 min (any stroke)
• Freedive to minimum 20m depth competently / on demand.
• Ascend from 15m using arms only
• Ascend from 15m with no mask
• Freedive 20m with a minimum dive time of 1.00min.
• Freedive to 15m and hang for an unknown time (30sec-1 min, which is determined by the
FIT) then rescue another Freediver from simulated blackout (BO) from that depth.
• Endurance examination – max 1min preparation, 5 dives to 15m with 1min surface interval
between Freedives .
• Shallow Water Blackout (SWB) rescue from 15m and demonstrate a 50m tow.
• Perform pool disciplines Dynamic (DYN) – minimum 50m.
• Perform pool disciplines DYN w/no fins – minimum 25m.
• Perform a Static breath-hold minimum of 2:30 mins.
• Demonstrate Blackout (BO)/Loss of Motor Control (LMC) rescue skills during pool sessions.

Minumum 9 days – depending on the number of participants

• 875euro + Instructor Kit.