Try Freediving

May be you want to try a new sport… May be you want feel the meditating power of underwater silence… May be you want to find your inner peace… Or may be you are just looking for a fun day at the sea. So why not try freediving?


Hello Flippers! Today is the Introduction Chapter of the Encyclopedia of Freediving! You will start with special breathing techniques and proceed with some exciting new skills of breath holding, above and under water. At the end of the day, you will know how to go deep without hurting your ears and be able to hold your breath longer than ever!


  • Be 10 years of age or older (Under 18 with parent or guardian consent)
  • Have completed the SSI Medical Form
  • Have completed the SSI Liability Release

Gear Requirements:

  • Mask, Snorkel
  • Bi-Fins
  • Wetsuit or appropriate exposure protection
  • Weightbelt
  • Lanyard (if appropriate)

Duration and Course Outline:

  • One day course
  • One theory sessions
  • One pool session
  • One confined water session

What’s included:

  • Pool Sessions
  • Open Water Sessions with boat
  • Certification


  • €70 + VAT